Charter Agreement: Standard Terms & Conditions


All requests for services are subject to acceptance by Skylink Journeys Pvt.Ltd. Your charter quotation will be delivered by fax/Mail from Skylink Journeys Pvt.Ltd. with the estimated price quote and specifying the date(s) of travel, flight segments arranged on your behalf, aircraft type and other requests specified by you when booking the flight. You are requested to sign and return the copy of the Charter quote signifying confirmation of its contents and consent to these standard terms and conditions.


Client understands and acknowledges that Advance payment at the time of booking the charter- 50% of the total payment. Balance payment 7 Days prior to scheduled departure of the flight.


• In case the flight is cancelled by the charterer due to delay in departure for more than 6 hrs. due to “Force Majure” reasons like weather/visibility, 10% of the Charter cost Will be levied towards the incidental expenses for the flight.
• 15% of the total charter cost will be levied. If the flight cancelled before 7 Days prior to departure.
• 50% of the total charter cost will be levied if the flight is cancelled before 72 hrs of the Scheduled departure.
• 75% of the total charter cost will be levied, if the flight is cancelled within 48 hrs of the Scheduled departure.
• 100% of the total charter cost will be levied, if the flight is cancelled within 24 hrs of the Scheduled departure.


Client understands that the final cost estimate for the charter will include the gross quoted charter cost plus the additional cost of applicable taxes, landing charges and parking charges as applicable, catering costs, custom fees, crew trip expenses if any and similar out of pocket expenses related to the provided services. If there is deviation from the original itinerary as requested by the client and agreed to by SKYLINK JOURNEYS PVT.LTD. or necessitated by clients actions then the amount owed by client to SKYLINK JOURNEYS PVT.LTD. may differ from the original cost estimate.


Client acknowledges that Skylink Journeys Pvt.Ltd. is your representative for booking your charters and do not operate the flights. The air charter suppliers have sole responsibility, liability and control of all aspects of the aircraft provided to you including limitation, aircraft availability and pricing, the commencement and termination of scheduled flights, the operations, regulation conditions and safety of flights, passengers, baggage and cargo and other people and events associated with your air travel such as crew performance and catering services.


Client acknowledges that air charter suppliers and/or their pilots will be solely responsible for all decisions regarding safety determinations with respect to commencement, operations and termination of flights.


Skylink Journeys Pvt.Ltd. will not be deemed to be in breach of its obligations hereunder or have any liability for any delay, cancellation or damage arising in whole or in part from any act of God, act of nature, acts of civil or military authority, strike or labour. dispute, mechanical failure, lack of essential supplies or parts or for any cause beyond the Direct control of Skylink Journeys Pvt.Ltd. or the carrier.

SkyLink Journey Pvt.Ltd.

N-33/15 Middle CircleConnaught Palace New Delhi 110001 Cont 9873734363 Fax: +011 25675011, E‐mail:

dispute, mechanical failure, lack of essential supplies or parts or for any cause beyond the direct control of Sky link or the carrier.


Skylink Journeys Pvt.Ltd. or the air charter supplier shall have no liability or responsibility for delay cancellation or failure to furnish any service to be provided to you when caused by Mechanical difficulty, weather conditions, acts of God, war, civil commotion, strikes or labor Disputes, government regulation, law, rule or authority or any causes beyond their reasonable Respective control. The client agrees to assume all liability and responsibility for their safety, Schedule, baggage, cargo, business and personal activities and financial ramifications Associated with their air reservations and travel arranged by us and performed by the air Charter suppliers. The client, the client agent, guests, passengers, employees if applicable Shall not engage in any act or possess any substance or allow cargo to contain any Substance which may result in the seizure or forfeiture or unsafe operation of the aircraft used In the charter contracted for you by SKYLINK JOURNEYS PVT.LTD.. SKYLINK JOURNEYS PVT.LTD. Makes no Representations or warranties of any kind, either express or implied as to any matter limited to, Implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose, merchantability or otherwise.


- If the client's journey involves an ultimate destination or stop in a Country other than the country of departure, the Warsaw convention may be applicable and The Convention governs and in most cases limits the liability of the carrier for death or Personal injury and for loss of or damage to baggage.


- The client shall indemnify and hold harmless Skylink Journeys Pvt.Ltd., its affiliates, and all of their officers, directors, employees, legal representatives and other agents, successors and Assigns (the indemnified parties) from and against any and all liabilities, losses, damages, Penalties, costs and expenses on account of any claim, suit, action, demand, proceeding or Anything of a similar nature made or brought against any of the indemnified parties as a result of the services provided by SKYLINK JOURNEYS PVT.LTD.Client will indemnify and hold SKYLINK JOURNEYS PVT.LTD. Harmless against any loss, damage or expense incurred by SKYLINK JOURNEYS PVT.LTD. by reason of any Action or omission of client, it employees, agents and guests. Furthermore, client agrees to Pay for any damage to the charter aircraft caused by client or any employee or guest of client, Normal wear and tear excluded.

11. We look forward to your confirmation of the above charter, and assure you of our best Services at all times. SIGNED BY THE CLIENT NAME:
Note: For all landings oftheHelicopter/Aircraft outside a designated airport/heliport we would

request the following:‐
1) Authenticated six digit coordinates of the landing site.
2) Written landing permission from the civil administration.
3) Written landing permission fromtheOwner ofthe property.
4) Permission frompolice for providing security to the helicopter and the crew.
5) Arrangement offire tender atthe time oflanding and takeoff both.
6) Arrangement of ambulance atthe time oflanding and takeoff both.
7) A 30X30mtr area with anHarking atthe center and 50X50mtr obstacle free area outside the core area isrequired formaking a temporary helipad.

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