206 is a family of two-bladed, single/ twin-engine

Canadian military designation for the Bell 206B-3

1974 Bell 206B3 "JetRanger III" for Sale @ US$ 416,000 only

1980 Bell 206B3 "JetRanger III" for sale @ US$ 337,000

Hot Destinations


Number in fleet- 3 Passenger Seating- 4
Average Cruise Speed-110 miles per hour Fuel Consumption-110 litres per hour
Max Range- 305 miles Maximum External Sling Load- 1080 lbs (minimal fuel at sea level)
Medivac capable- Yes
Actual performance figures (payload, speed, range, passengers) will be determined by the weather conditions at the time of the mission.

Type Hourly Rate (INR) Service Tax Seating Capacity Engine Type
206B3 70,000 As Applicable 03 Single